Hi there! I'm Embry.

I'm a digital strategist, writer, and editor based in New York City.

I'm currently the Senior Editorial Manager of Content Commerce at NBCUniversal, where I helped launch the company's e-commerce program (and now lead branded editorial content). Previously, I was a reporter for TODAY and a digital editor for Martha Stewart Living. I've also written for Food52, SELF, and Modern Luxury.

In August 2019, I launched my passion project: a podcast called The Lowlight Reel, where I interview successful people about the stuff we don't see on social media. After a decade in digital content, it's been gratifying to combine my interviewing skills and storytelling expertise to explore a new medium as the show's producer and host. While the podcast is still in its early stages, it's been picked up by The New Yorker, Teen Vogue, Man Repeller and Cupcakes & Cashmere for its cultural relevance and "refreshing" candor. The show's message of rejecting perfectionism and owning every part of your story is one I deeply believe in, and the honesty and levity with which it approaches the subject matter are elements I strive to bring to all that I create.

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