"I hate writing. I love having written." —Dorothy Parker

...And me, and every writer ever. As a professional writer and editor with 10+ years of experience working at national media companies, I know how to turn a clever phrase—but I also know the struggle of writer's block, the challenge of carving out time to write when your day job demands most of your time and energy, and the overwhelm that comes with breaking down larger goals into manageable steps. With my coaching programs, I'm able to offer high-level editorial instruction while supporting clients as they navigate the often-lonely creative process. We'll work together to identify and set goals, address any underlying beliefs that are impeding your creative flow, and smash writer's block for good. After all, paper covers rock.

I'm passionate about helping people become their most creative, polished, and authentic selves through storytelling. If you think we're a fit for individual or group coaching, reach out to schedule a FREE 15-minute call.

Individual Coaching

Think of me less as your editor and more as your personal sounding board, project manager and cheerleader. If you're looking for creative direction and accountability on a project over 2500 words, I want to hear from you! I work with clients on a quarterly basis to offer individualized support and instruction that caters to their specific goals.

Group Coaching

If you think we're a fit but you're not yet ready to invest in 1:1 coaching services, this is the option for you. My group coaching program includes weekly group calls and access to a high-vibe peer network for collaboration and review. These groups run on a quarterly basis, so join the waitlist to be the first to know when registration opens.

Freelance Editing

I'm happy to provide high-level direction and line edits for marketing materials, speeches, essays, job or school applications, and other written projects under 2500 words. My freelance editing rates start at $250/hr.


"I flat out ADORE working with Embry. She's no-nonsense but kind; she has always had my back when it comes to contracts, getting paid appropriately in a timely manner, and acknowledging my worth; and her methods have made me a more exacting writer and a stronger businesswoman. Expect positive reinforcement, an unbelievable knack for voice and tone, and a fun growth experience!"  —Rose Truesdale

"I have known Embry for years and have always admired her writing abilities; she has an innate talent and her storytelling skills have only grown with her professional roles writing for different audiences. I reached out to her about getting feedback on my MBA application package, and her suggestions brought my writing to a whole new level. She not only knew how to make my delivery sharper and more impactful, but also prompted me to rethink a few sections to better reflect my own selfbut left enough room for me to ultimately feel true ownership over a fantastic final product. I highly recommend her if you're looking to better vocalise a brand or product, whether for yourself or a larger company." —Katie Stolp

"No doubt, the editing flare Embry adds has escalated my editorial and copywriting abilities. At NBCUniversal, Embry offered timely feedback and creative direction for my social media copy, digital marketing campaigns, and product write-ups. If you work with Embry, I can guarantee that you will find your writing improve." —Amy Sapp

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